TIC iPBX in cloud

Simplicity, versatility, robustness, simple and unsurprising billing, welcome to business cloud telephony TIC iPBX.

This new technology lowers costs and lets you take advantage of the most advanced features safely.

No purchase of equipment to do,
we even provide the IP device

We will provide a complete, centralized solution
solution including IP telephones and SIP lines
with a lot of free options.

Nous utiliserons votre connexion Internet HV pour acheminer la VoIP ainsi que vos nouvelles fonctionnalités. Votre système téléphonique sera toujours accessible à partir de n’importe quelle connexion Internet HV vous donnant la flexibilité, la mobilité et la continuité des affaires en cas de besoin.

Take advantage of your iPBX instead of worrying about it

Our VoIP solution for rental is complete, affordable and without the headache of managing an "old generation" PBX phone system. Changes to programming will be made remotely for free by our technicians. Software updates are annual, inclusive and always free of charge. Our servers are hosted in secure data centers with triple replication. Increase your number of extension on demand, without any license constraint or technical limitation.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art telecommunications by switching to TIC iPBX!

Our most popular features INCLUDED


an application on your smartphone or on your computer that allows you to make and take your office calls

Flexibility and Security

Work from home or office, your phone devices work wherever there is HS Internet.

Messages and Fax

receive your voice messages and faxes in your e-mail

Recording calls

Record and save conversations one at a time or continuously


Send e-mail invitations to a conference call and your guests will join you on your secure conference bridge with a password. All users have access to this function.

Web Conferencing

Send email invitations to a Video conference call for a PowerPoint presentation or share a document or application. Your guests will join you on the web and get access to the conference with a conference code and a password. All users can access this function.

Rental of device at an affordable price and without surprise includes the following:
SIP phone lines (lines) with “burstable” option
  • You will make unlimited local and Canada calls. We guarantee a minimum of simultaneous SIP links.
  • Additionally, if desired, a number of additional SIP links can be added as requested when a demand for incoming or outgoing calls exceeds your number of SIP links. You will then be charged a fixed amount per additional SIP link for a period of 24 hours. This option allows you to better control your peak periods and periods of least traffic.
  • Get phone numbers from another city, from another province to have a more local presence to your clients.
Your Long Distance in Canada
  • Make long distance calls anywhere in Canada * free of charge
Video Conferencing
  • TIC iPBX web conferencing solution saves you time and travel costs by allowing users to organize web conferences and enjoy face-to-face communications from anywhere.
Webmeeting with screen sharing
  • Participate in meetings all over the world with the latest WebRTC technology with the iPBX Web Meeting TIC.
  • Share your screen and your applications.
Fax and Voicemail in your emails
  • Incoming faxes are converted to PDF and forwarded to users via e-mail, without the need for fax server software. In the same way, voice messages are converted into audio files, .wav, and transferred via e-mail.
Mobility with software phone on your PC, MAC, iOS, Android
  • TIC iPBX offers Android and iOS VoIP clients that are continuously updated and tested
  • Thanks to the built-in tunnel, which avoids remote firewall problems, calls in 3G or via a wifi terminal are very reliable.
  • Android and iOS customers from TIC iPBX fully support PUSH technology, allowing the phone to stay idle and save battery power.
  • No additional licensing costs for software phones.
  • TIC iPBX offers the concept of a unique number, which means that you no longer need to give your mobile number.
  • Make or receive calls from your smartphone
  • Define your presence status directly from your smartphone
  • Single number
  • View the presence of your colleagues everywhere
  • TIC iPBX VoIP clients are easy to configure and manage.
  • Configurable remotely via e-mail, no tedious configuration
  • Easily organize conference calls
  • Fully integrated, so easy to use
  • SIP Forking - use all clients simultaneously
Call Recording
  • Record a call by pressing a key or record everything
The "Presence" displaying your call status
  • The ability to view the status of other colleagues ("presence") saves considerable time by avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice messages, and makes management and work with remote employees more easy than ever. Do you need a quiet time to complete a project? Personalize your status and avoid being disturbed.
Private "Chat" integrated with your applications
  • Allows your employees to communicate with each other via Chat, without having to rely on a third-party Internet messaging system. TIC iPBX users can send or receive messages anywhere via Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android clients.
  • And many other options

We will take care of all the necessary steps to start up your new services.