Do I have to notify my current phone company to do the portability of the numbers?

Our team will take care of all the steps to carry out the portability. We will only require your written authorization as well as a copy of your current account.

What happens if you add or reduce the number of extensions or lines?

If the agreement is monthly, we will charge on a pro rata basis, no worries.

What happens if my Internet connection is missing?

Your phone system is hosted in a secure data center and will continue to operate. An Internet failure at your office will prevent your IP phones from working but your mobile applications on your smart phones will continue to work. You will be able to move your IP phones from the downed office and connect them into another places that has the Internet. It is also possible to have a second source of Internet in reserve if necessary.

What are the costs if you want to make a changes on an extension or change the compagny greeting?

All configuration changes on extensions or greetings are included free of charge.

What are long distance rates?

: Long distance in Canada is included. Long distance in the US is at $ 0.035 per minute. For Overseas Long Distance, refer to the "SIP Lines" tab